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0 Credit CardWelcome to 0% Credit Card Expert. As an independent web site, we are free to use and compare each and every 0% credit card currently available online in the UK.

0% credit cards are credit cards which offer new customers an introductory offer, where 0% interest is charged on balance transfers and / or purchases for a promotional period, which can be for as long as 35 months.

After the 0% promotional period has ended the credit card will then charge a higher standard rate of interest, typically around 18% to 20%.

Today on 0% Credit Card Expert there are:-

133 UK 0% credit cards currently avaliable offering:-

  • 0% interest on balance transfers for up to 35 months
  • 0% interest on purchases for up to 23 months

Credit Card Articles

Quick Credit Cards

Quick Credit Cards

Which UK 0% credit cards are quick credit cards?

Quick credit cards are those credit cards which a customer can complete the application form, get an online decision and then receive the new credit card quickly.

Many UK credit card customers are looking for quick credit cards because they either have a balance transfer to make by a particular date, or they urgently want a new 0% credit card to make a new purchase taking benefit … Continue reading Quick Credit Cards

High Limit Credit Cards

High Limit Credit Cards

What are the most suitable 0% high limit credit cards in the UK?

High limit credit cards are UK 0% credit cards which offer a new customer a high credit limit when a customer first applies for the new card.

Many customers are looking for high limit credit cards, usually for one of following two reasons:-

They have a large balance on an existing credit card and wish to make a balance transfer to the new … Continue reading High Limit Credit Cards

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Credit Card News

Bank of Scotland Platinum Credit Card

Bank of Scotland Platinum Credit Card

The offers on the Bank of Scotland Platinum credit card range have been changed as from 10th April 2015.

The longest 0% Bank of Scotland Platinum credit card offer is now available on the Platinum balance transfer credit card that offers 0% for 35 months on balance transfers and a 3% transfer fee applies. This Bank of Scotland Platinum credit card also offers 0% for 6 months on purchases from the date the credit card account is opened with a representative 18.9% … Continue reading Bank of Scotland Platinum Credit Card

Post Office Matched Credit Card

Post Office Matched Credit Card

The Post Office Matched credit card is a recent addition to the Post Office credit card range.

The Post Office Matched credit card is a 0% credit card that offers an equal length 0% offer on both purchases and also on balance transfers.

This Post Office Matched card offer of equal length 0% deals is unusual in the UK credit card market with many new 0% cards now offering a longer 0% deal on either … Continue reading Post Office Matched Credit Card

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Credit Card Questions

Credit Card Answers

Credit Card Answers

Here at 0% Credit Card Expert we see lots of customers looking for credit card answers.

We always aim to provide simple plain English credit card answers to many of the most popular credit card questions that UK customers often ask about 0% credit cards.

Here are some of the credit card answers to questions that we see time and time again.

Credit Card Answers

Why do people use a credit card?

Credit cards provide … Continue reading Credit Card Answers

Who Owns Tesco Credit Card?

Who Owns Tesco Credit Card

Who owns Tesco credit card? Who runs Tesco credit card?

These are common questions about the Tesco credit card range that we see quite often here at 0% Credit Card Expert.

There are a couple of reasons why many credit card customers want to know, who owns Tesco credit card?

If you are applying for a new 0% credit card to make a balance transfer, then you need to know who runs Tesco credit card, … Continue reading Who Owns Tesco Credit Card?

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