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0 Credit CardWelcome to 0% Credit Card Expert. As an independent website, we are free to use and provide a comparison service for every 0% credit card that is currently available online in the UK.

0% credit cards are credit cards which offer new customers an introductory offer, where 0% interest is charged on balance transfers and / or purchases for a limited time promotional period, which can be for as long as 38 months.

After the 0% promotional period has ended the credit card company will then charge any outstanding amount remaining on the card at a higher standard rate of interest. This standard rate will often be a representative 18.9% APR variable.

Today on 0% Credit Card Expert there are:-

94 UK 0% credit cards currently avaliable offering:-

  • 0% interest on balance transfers for up to 38 months
  • 0% interest on purchases for up to 30 months

Credit Card Articles

£3000 Credit Card Limit

£3000 Credit Card Limit

Which UK 0% credit cards are currently the most likely to give a £3000 credit card limit to a new customer in 2017?

With a £3000 credit card limit on a new 0% credit card, a customer can make a medium sized balance transfer from an existing credit card and save money by paying no interest for the duration of the 0% introductory offer.

Alternatively, a £3000 credit card limit also allows the customer to make purchases, such as …. Read More »

High Limit Credit Cards

High Limit Credit Cards

What are the most suitable 0% high limit credit cards for UK customers in 2017?

High limit credit cards can be defined as those 0% credit cards which offer new credit card customers a high credit limit, when the customer first applies for the new credit card.

Many UK customers are looking for credit cards with high limits, often for one of following two reasons:-

They have a higher existing balance on their current credit card and would like to …. Read More »

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Credit Card News

M&S Credit Card

M And S Credit Card

The M&S credit card range has expanded. M&S Bank, the financial services arm of Marks and Spencer, now offer a choice of M&S credit cards to customers in the UK.

There is now a M&S credit card for customers primarily looking to make a longer balance transfer. In addition, there is also a M&S credit card for those customers more interested in an all round card, with equally long 0% introductory offers on both  purchases …. Read More »

HSBC Credit Card Offers

HSBC Credit Card Offers

HSBC Bank regularly change the HSBC credit card offers available in the UK credit card market. These latest HSBC credit card offers now offer £25 cashback, subject to term and conditions, when a customer makes a payment via Apple Pay within 30 days, with this new offer available from 14th November 2017.

HSBC Bank are one of the main high street banks in the UK with bank branches all over the country as a result of …. Read More »

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Credit Card Questions

HSBC Credit Card Application

HSBC Credit Card Application

We have, over recent months, seen an increasing number of queries regarding the HSBC credit card application process.

HSBC are one the UK’s largest high street banks and the HSBC credit cards currently have competitive 0% introductory offers available to new customers.

Answers to some of the most common questions that we have seen about the HSBC credit card application process can be found below:-

HSBC Credit Card Online Apply?

Can a customer apply for a …. Read More »

Maximum Credit Card Limit?

Maximum Credit Card Limit

What is the maximum credit card limit? What is the maximum limit on a credit card in the UK?

Here at 0% Credit Card Expert we have recently seen a number of visitors looking for answers related to questions on the subject of a maximum credit card limit.

A credit card limit can be defined as the total spending limit that a credit card provider makes available to the customer.

As a customer using your credit card, you …. Read More »

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