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Welcome to 0% Credit Card Expert. As an independent website, we are free to use, and provide a credit card comparison table for every 0% credit card that is currently available online, in the UK.

0% credit cards are credit cards which offer new customers an introductory 0% offer. This is where 0% interest is charged on balance transfers and / or purchases for a limited time promotional period. This introductory offer can be for up to 26 months.

After the 0% promotional period has ended, the credit card company will then charge interest on any outstanding amount remaining on the card. This standard interest rate, will often be a representative 24.9% APR variable, and can be higher.

Credit Card Articles

New Credit Cards

Published: April 19, 2024

New Credit Cards UK

Every day in the UK, hundreds of customers apply for new credit cards. The UK card market also changes frequently with new credit cards, and their 0% deals and offers changing constantly.

There are a number of different UK credit card providers, offering a wide range of credit cards. A small number of these card companies provide reward and cashback credit cards. Many other banks and card companies use the 0% introductory deals and offers …. Read More »

£3000 Credit Card Limit

Published: April 10, 2024

3000 Credit Card Limit

Which credit cards are more likely to give a £3000 credit card limit to new customers, in the UK? Is a £2000 credit card limit easier to get? Or is a credit card with a 3000 limit now more common, in 2024?

In the UK, a 3000 credit card limit, allows you to spend up to £3000 using your card.

Many UK customers would like to make a balance transfer from their existing credit card. A …. Read More »

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Credit Card News

Tesco Credit Card

Published: April 15, 2024

Tesco Credit Card Deals

What are the current Tesco credit card offers? Who owns Tesco credit card? These are both common questions that we see on a regular basis.

Tesco Bank used to offer a wide range of 0% cards to UK customers. However, in recent years the number of 0% introductory card offers, from Tesco Bank, have been significantly reduced.

This is partly a result of the current economic circumstances, and the recent Coronavirus pandemic. However, this …. Read More »

Nationwide Credit Card Offers

Published: April 10, 2024

Nationwide 0 Credit Card

The Nationwide credit card offers 0% introductory offers on balance transfers and on purchases. The Nationwide credit cards also offer customers, unlimited commission-free purchases abroad.

These Nationwide credit card offers are however, now only available to Nationwide members. To apply for the Nationwide credit card, you must be a Member of Nationwide. This means that you need to already have a current account, mortgage or a savings account with Nationwide.

The Nationwide Member credit card all rounder …. Read More »

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Credit Card Questions

Cash Advance Credit Card

Published: April 19, 2024

0 Cash Advance Credit Card

What is a 0% cash advance credit card in the UK? What are the best cash advance credit cards currently available in 2024? These questions, regarding a credit card cash advance, are all some of the questions that we see regularly.

Most of the credit cards with 0% offers, available in the UK today, can be used to take a cash advance. A credit card cash advance is most common, when a customer uses their …. Read More »

Credit Card Limit For 50,000 Salary UK

Published: April 10, 2024

Credit Card Limit For 50,000 Salary UK

What would be a typical credit card limit for a 50,000 salary in the UK? We have seen many UK card customers looking for an answer to this question, over recent months.

Your credit card limit is the maximum amount that you can spend using your credit card. A 10000 credit card limit, for example, would allow you to spend up to £10,000 on your credit card. This could be one large purchase, or you …. Read More »

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