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These pages have all our latest 0% credit card articles. Here at 0% Credit Card Expert we are continually adding to these credit card articles to increase your knowledge and understanding of the 0% credit card market in the UK.

High Limit Credit Cards

High Limit Credit Cards

What are the most suitable 0% high limit credit cards for UK customers in 2017?

High limit credit cards can be defined as those 0% credit cards which offer new credit card customers a high credit limit, when the customer first applies for the new credit card.

Many UK customers are looking for credit cards with high limits, often for one of following two reasons:-

They have a higher existing balance on their current credit card and would like to …. Read More »

£10000 Credit Card Limit

£10 000 Credit Card Limit

Is a £10000 credit card limit possible for a credit card customer applying for a new 0% credit card in the UK in 2017?

Here at 0% Credit Card Expert we have seen a large number of customers over recent months, looking for answers to questions relating to a £10000 credit card limit.

As many people will know, ever since the banking crisis, the banks and credit card companies have tended to be more cautious with …. Read More »

£7000 Credit Card Limit

£7000 Credit Card Limit

Here at 0% Credit Card Expert we often see credit card customers in the UK, looking for information on which credit cards are most suitable for a £7000 credit card limit.

Many customer are looking for a card with a £7000 credit card limit to allow the customer to make a good sized balance transfer from one or more of their existing credit cards.

Making a large balance transfer to a new 0% credit card, can allow …. Read More »

Online Decision Credit Cards

Online Decision Credit Cards

Online decision credit cards are credit cards that offer a customer an instant online decision regarding their application at the end of the online application process.

Today, more and more credit card customers make an application for a new 0% credit card online than ever before.

In the past most credit card applications were made by post, with the customer filling out an application form and then sending it off to the credit card …. Read More »

Tesco Credit Card Promotional Code

Tesco Credit Card Promotional Code

What is a Tesco credit card promotional code and how can UK credit card customers make use of a Tesco credit card promotion code?

A credit card promotional code is a sequence of letters and numbers which is given by a credit card company to a customer.This promotional code enables that customer to make a balance transfer at a special offer rate.

Credit card promotional codes are usually issued to existing credit card holders who …. Read More »

Money Transfer Credit Card

Money Transfer Credit Card

How does a money transfer credit card work and which UK credit card companies provide money transfer credit cards?

These are a couple of the most common questions that we see here at 0% Credit Card Expert, on the topic of money transfer credit cards.

A money transfer credit card allows a customer to make a money transfer from their credit card to their bank account.

A money transfer is similar to a balance transfer, …. Read More »