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£3000 Credit Card Limit

Published: January 26, 2022

3000 Credit Card Limit

Which credit cards are more likely to give a £3000 credit card limit to new customers, in the UK? Is a £2000 credit card limit easier to get? Or is a credit card with a £3000 limit more common, in 2022?

A £3000 credit card limit, allows a customer to spend up to £3000 using their card.

Many UK customers would like to make a reasonable sized balance transfer from their existing credit cards. A £3000 …. Read More »

Interest Free Credit Cards

Published: January 21, 2022

Interest Free Credit Card UK

Interest free credit cards in the UK, are those cards which offer new customers an introductory 0% offer. During this introductory 0% offer period the customer will pay no interest.

All of the monthly payments an interest free credit card customer makes, during the 0% introductory offer period, will reduce their overall debt.

All of the customer’s repayments will be used to reduce their outstanding balance. None of the monthly payment will go towards …. Read More »

High Limit Credit Cards

Published: January 19, 2022

Highest Credit Card Limit UK

What are the most suitable high limit credit cards in the UK, in 2022? Can you get a credit card with a £20,000 limit in the UK? Is there a maximum credit card limit in the UK?

Credit cards with high limits are often defined as those 0% cards, which offer new customers, a higher than average credit limit.

Many UK customers, when they first apply for their new credit card, would like to get …. Read More »

New Credit Cards

Published: January 17, 2022

New Credit Cards UK

Every day in the UK, hundreds of customers apply for new credit cards. The UK card market also changes frequently with new credit cards, and their 0% deals and offers changing constantly.

There are a number of different UK credit card providers, offering a wide range of credit cards. A small number of card companies focus on reward and cashback credit cards, whilst many others offer 0% introductory deals to attract new customers.

The number …. Read More »

0 Percent Credit Cards

Published: January 13, 2022

0 Percent Credit Card

The offers and deals on 0 percent credit cards are constantly changing in what is a competitive UK credit card market.

0 percent credit cards are one of the main ways that the many different credit card companies and banks, operating in the UK credit card market, compete with each other for new customers.

0 percent interest credit card deals offer new customers an introductory 0 percent deal for a limited time period. After this …. Read More »

Credit Card Offers For Existing Customers

Published: January 11, 2022

Credit Card Deals For Existing Customers

What are the best credit card offers for existing customers in the UK?

The credit card deals and offers in the UK card market are constantly changing. This is because new 0% deals and offers are introduced regularly, as the UK credit card companies compete for new customers.

There are two main types of credit card offers for existing customers, which are currently available within the UK.

All of the main UK banks and credit …. Read More »