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These pages have all our latest 0% credit card news. Here at 0% Credit Card Expert we are continually adding the latest credit card news to increase your knowledge and understanding of the 0% credit card market in the UK.

Tesco Credit Card Deals

Tesco Credit Card Deals

The  Tesco credit card deals available in the UK credit card market, have now changed with effect from 12th December 2017.

The new Tesco credit card deals are available to UK customers on the the Tesco 22 month balance transfer card with no fee.

These Tesco credit card deals, from Tesco Bank, are available on credit cards for customers who are looking for 0% introductory deals on balance transfers.

Tesco promote their range of Tesco credit card …. Read More »

M&S Credit Card

M And S Credit Card

The M&S credit card range has expanded. M&S Bank, the financial services arm of Marks and Spencer, now offer a choice of M&S credit cards to customers in the UK.

There is now a M&S credit card for customers primarily looking to make a longer balance transfer. In addition, there is also a M&S credit card for those customers more interested in an all round card, with equally long 0% introductory offers on both  purchases …. Read More »

HSBC Credit Card Offers

HSBC Credit Card Offers

HSBC Bank regularly change the HSBC credit card offers available in the UK credit card market. These latest HSBC credit card offers now offer £25 cashback, subject to term and conditions, when a customer makes a payment via Apple Pay within 30 days, with this new offer available from 14th November 2017.

HSBC Bank are one of the main high street banks in the UK with bank branches all over the country as a result of …. Read More »

Santander Credit Card Offers

Santander Credit Card Offers

The Santander credit card offers have now changed with the new rates taking effect from 12th September 2017.

The new Santander credit card offers include changes to the Santander All in One credit card which offers customers a shorter 0% introductory offer on balance transfers.

The new Santander credit card offers available on the Santander All in One credit card now come with 0% for 39 months on balance transfers with a 0% balance transfer fee and a representative …. Read More »

Nationwide Credit Card Offers

The current Nationwide credit card offers include 0% introductory offers on both balance transfers and purchases as well as commission free purchases abroad and also cash back offers.

These Nationwide credit card offers are available on a choice of two different Nationwide credit cards.

The Nationwide credit card is now just for members. You are a member when you have a current account, mortgage or savings account with Nationwide.

The Nationwide Select credit card is exclusively for …. Read More »

Post Office Matched Credit Card

Post Office Matched Credit Card

The Post Office Matched credit card, which is part of the popular Post Office credit card range, now has new 0% introductory offers on both purchases and balance transfers with effect from 7th June 2017.

The Post Office Matched credit card now offers new customers a long 0% introductory offers on purchases and the Post Office Matched credit card also has an equally long 0% introductory offer on balance transfers.

One distinct advantage of any credit card that offers long 0% offers on both purchases and balance transfers, is …. Read More »