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No Annual Fee Credit Cards

Published: August 15, 2022

Credit Cards With No Annual Fee

What are no annual fee credit cards in the UK? How many credit cards with no annual fee, are currently available in the UK card market? What is an annual fee on a credit card?

These are all common questions that we have seen UK customers asking, on a regular basis over the last year, on the topic of a credit card with no annual fee.

Credit Card Annual Fee

So what is a credit …. Read More »

Credit Card Minimum Payment?

Published: August 10, 2022

Minimum Credit Card Payment

What is a credit card minimum payment? How much is a typical minimum credit card payment in the UK, in 2022?

Both of the questions above, are ones that we have seen many UK credit card customers looking for answers on, over recent months.

Minimum Credit Card Payment

What is the minimum credit card payment on a 0% credit card?

A credit card¬†minimum payment is the smallest amount that a customer must make, as a …. Read More »

M&S Credit Card Application

Published: July 28, 2022

Marks and Spencer Credit Card Application

We have seen a large increase in customers looking for answers about making a M&S credit card application, over recent months and years.

A Marks and Spencer credit card application is currently very popular within the UK card market. This is due to M&S Bank having some of the most competitive 0% introductory offers currently available, in the UK. The current M&S credit card range offers customers a choice of three cards, each with different …. Read More »

What Is A Good Credit Card Limit?

Published: July 25, 2022

What is a good credit card limit UK

A question that we often see card customers asking is, what is a good credit card limit in the UK?

Is a £5000 credit limit good or bad? What is the average credit card limit in the UK? These are also very common questions we see a lot.

Many UK customers are looking for a credit card with a good credit limit. This is especially true, when they first apply for a new 0% …. Read More »

Credit Card Companies

Published: July 19, 2022

Credit Card Companies UK

Who are the main credit card companies and credit card providers in the UK? Is there a list of British credit card companies?

We see the above questions, regularly, as UK card customers look for details about the banks, and credit card providers currently operating in the UK card market.

Ten years ago, there were over 140 UK credit cards available with 0% introductory offers. However today, there are just over 60 UK credit cards …. Read More »

Halifax MBNA?

Published: July 18, 2022

Halifax MBNA

Is MBNA Halifax? Are Halifax and MBNA linked? Is MBNA part of Halifax? Who owns MBNA?

Many credit card customers in the UK are looking for an answer to these types of MBNA Halifax related questions. This usually occurs when customers are starting to think about a new credit card application.

Customers will very often look for a new card, to make a 0% balance transfer, from their existing card. Alternatively they my look …. Read More »