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Credit Card Arrival Time?

Published: May 6, 2021

Credit Card Arrival Time

How long does a credit card take to arrive.  How long does it take to get a credit card in the UK?

The credit card arrival time, is usually defined as the length of time it takes from when a customer completes an application form for a new credit card, to when the customer actually has the new credit card delivered to their home address and ready to use.

Many customers when applying for new 0% credit …. Read More »

Credit Card Answers

Published: May 6, 2021

Credit Card Answers

Here at 0% Credit Card Expert we see lots of UK credit card customers looking for credit card questions and answers.

Credit cards and the jargon related to credit cards, can often be confusing for new card customers.

We always aim to provide simple plain English credit card answers to many of the most popular credit card questions, that UK customers often ask about 0% credit cards.

Below are some of the credit card answers …. Read More »

Halifax MBNA?

Published: April 16, 2021

Halifax MBNA

Is MBNA Halifax? Are Halifax and MBNA linked? Is MBNA part of Halifax?

These questions are all common questions that we have seen regularly, over recent months.

Now, many more UK credit card customers are looking for an answer to these MBNA Halifax related questions.

This usually occurs when customers are starting to think about applying for a new 0% credit card.

Customers very often look for a new card, to make a …. Read More »

Cash Advance Credit Card

Published: April 6, 2021

Cash Advance Credit Card

What is a cash advance credit card? What are the best cash advance credit cards currently available in the UK, in 2021?

The questions above, are some of the more common questions, regarding a cash advance credit card, that we see on a regular basis.

Most of the over 60 UK credit cards available today with 0% offers, can be used as a cash advance credit card. A credit card cash advance is most common, …. Read More »

HSBC Credit Card Application

Published: March 26, 2021

HSBC Credit Card Application

In recent months, we have seen a marked increase in the number of queries regarding the HSBC credit card application process.

HSBC are one the UK’s largest high street banks. The HSBC credit cards currently have competitive 0% introductory offers available to new customers.

The HSBC balance transfer credit card, for example, currently offers a long balance transfer offer. This offer is 0% for 29 months on balance transfers with a 2.75% balance …. Read More »

Credit Card Minimum Payment?

Published: March 12, 2021

Credit card Minimum Payment

What is a credit card minimum payment? How much is a typical credit card minimum payment in the UK, in 2021?

Both of the above questions, are ones that we have seen many credit card customers looking for answers on recently.

Credit Card Minimum Payment

What is a credit card minimum payment?

A credit card minimum payment is the smallest amount that a credit card customer must make, as a payment to the credit card company, …. Read More »