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About Us

0% Credit Card Expert is a free to the user, independent website that focuses on the UK 0% credit card market.

0% credit cards are credit cards which offer a rate of 0% interest for an introductory limited time period, on balance transfers and/or on purchases.  The length of these 0% introductory offer will often be of different lengths, for balance transfers and purchases.

Here at 0% Credit Card Expert we provide a comparison service that covers each and every 0% credit card online. There are currently around 60 UK 0% credit cards that are available online, in the UK.

We also provide expert answers to some of the most popular 0% credit card questions and analysis of the latest credit card news.

0% Credit Card Expert

The team responsible for 0% Credit Card Expert have been providing credit card websites in the UK, since early 2002. Back then, the maximum 0% introductory offer was for only six months.

Now the leading 0% credit cards offer much longer introductory offers. In January 2018, for example, the longest 0% introductory offers on balance transfers were as long as 0% for up to 43 months.

These longest introductory offers have however, now been withdrawn and current 0% deals are now more commonly 0% for up to 33 months months on balance transfers.

Other UK credit cards have long 0% offers on purchases. The 0% deals on purchases do tend to be shorter than for balance transfers. 0% for up to 24 months is more likely to be the longest deal available.

Comparing 0% Credit Cards

The 0% credit card offers and deals are constantly changing within the UK credit card market. As new credit cards are introduced, and older cards withdrawn, the number of available credit cards will also change .

Our 0% credit card tables for purchases and balance transfers feature every 0% credit card currently available online in the UK market. We list all cards with a 0% introductory offer on either purchases, or balance transfers.

All of the credit cards in our purchase and balance transfer tables are sorted by the length of the 0% introductory offer. We show the longest 0% deals first.

Many other credit card websites will only show customers a small selection of 0% credit cards. These websites usually only show those credit cards that they are being paid to promote.

Here at 0% Credit Card Expert we strongly believe in treating customers fairly. We believe that you, the customer, benefit from being able to compare each and every 0% credit card currently available. Read more about how this site works.

We trust that you will find 0% Credit Card Expert useful and would welcome any feedback you may have. You can contact us here.

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