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How This Site Works

Here at 0% Credit Card Expert, we believe that it is important that you understand how this website works and also how this website is financed.

Free to Use

We do not make any charge, to any user, when you visit the 0CreditCardExpert.co.uk website. You are free to look around, browse and read as much as the content on this website as you wish. We do not charge any subscription or fee, to access any of the content contained on this website.

Every 0% Credit Card

0% Credit Card Expert

Here at 0CreditCardExpert.co.uk we have every UK credit card that is currently available online with a 0% offer, on either purchases or balance transfers, included in our credit card tables.

As a customer we believe that you benefit from having the widest choice of credit cards available. All of the credit cards available in our 0% balance transfer and 0% purchase tables are sorted by the length of the 0% introductory offer. We show you those cards with the longest 0% offers first.

When you click on a link for any of these credit cards we always transfer you to the credit card application pages hosted securely on the credit card company websites.

How this Website is Financed

Here at 0CreditCardExpert.co.uk we accept no advertising. There are no banners or pop-up advertisements.

Some, but not all, of the credit card companies pay this website a small commission, when a user clicks a link from this website and then applies for and is accepted for a credit card. These commission payments allow us to pay the hosting and other expenses involved in running this website.

Featured Credit Cards

We identify the 0% credit cards that we may receive a commission from with a * next to their name. Throughout this website we refer to these credit cards as featured credit cards.


Nothing within the 0CreditCardExpert.co.uk website is, or shall be deemed to constitute, financial or other advice or a recommendation to purchase any product or service. Any, and all information provided within this website is for general information purposes only. The content of this website should not be relied upon when making any decisions or taking any action of any kind.

Your use of the 0CreditCardExpert.co.uk website is subject our Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and our Cookie Policy.